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WFU 65 round 2 Bexley/Leyton Orient
Walking Football
WFU 65 South East Champions

WFU 65 South East Champions

By Terry Buck
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WFU 65 South East Champions

Walking Football United (WFU) National Tournament 2nd round regional finals at Leyton Orient.
This is the oldest National tournament that has been resurrected this year by Steve Rich.
Previously when it was run in 2013-16 we were Essex Champions every year.

After winning the county round last month where we beat Little Oakley, Romford and Harwich Hornets where we retained our crown as Essex champions. We came to play the South East Regional heat today.

We struggled to get a team to this away match on a Tuesday afternoon in Leyton, and Terry had to even go and pick up Kevan at the last minute when his car was playing up. So we ended up with just 6 players.

Chris Jullings GK, Terry Buck ©, Jim Prophet, Ian Inglis, Kevan Anderson and Ed Melvin.

We were playing Leyton Orient who were London champions and Bexley who were Kent Champions. We played a 3 match round robin, we were picked to play the first and third match.

Chelmsford City v Bexley
Bexley started strong and possession for a while, but our first attack was when Terry was left unmarked up front and a pass from Eddie, Terry controlled and put in bottom right hand corner past the keeper. It was end to end stuff and we finished first half 1-0 up.
They came out quick and again had a lot of the possession and some great saves from Chris, but we got several breaks which could have easily put us clear but we couldn’t hit the net, Ed hit the side netting twice and Keven had 2 great shots that went wide. But eventually they equalised as they had a very nippy centre forward.
Full time 1-1

Bexley v Leyton Orient.
This match was a bit more physical as both teams knew it was a crunch match after the first was drawn. At times it was a bit too physical, but the ref was very lenient, Bill would have red carded a Bexley player after a smack in the face. Half time 0-0.
Their second half was more of the same, but then a mistake in front of the Leyton Goal by Leyton. The ball came across from a pass and the Leyton player stuck out a foot and accidentally toe punted it into the corner of his own net.
Full Time Bexley won 1-0

Leyton Orient v Chelmsford City.
We had a 45 minute wait in between our 2 matches, which gave us a chance to recover but also we got a bit stiff. It was a fairly equal match with end to end football. Ian did well at the back covering well when they were on a break and saved a shot. Jim was solid on the left at the back, but the rule that we could not back pass to the keeper kept us on our toes. Again Terry was left unmarked up front and Keven sent a pass across to the right.
Terry took his time and slotted in his favourite bottom RH corner.
Half Time 1-0 up
The second half was more of the same we had a good share of chances but couldn’t hit the net.
Full Time Chelmsford won 1-0

So we had 2 teams with a win and a draw. Bexley and Chelmsford City.
We played 5 minutes extra time but it seemed like 5 seconds before the whistle went.
Then the dreaded penalty shootout!!!

We felt that we had a great day and would take the result in our stride.
We had the first penalty, which was 3 each then sudden death.
The first 4 penalties were all saved by the keepers, with 1 going wide.
Terry the slotted in his in the bottom left hand corner this time.
We held our breath for the last Bexley penalty.
Chris brilliantly saved this one and we in the bag.

We had some sandwiches and coffee after, and everyone was in good spirits apart from the guy who got the own goal for Leyton, he was sitting in the corner like Billy no mates!!

It was a very good standard of walking football and we were all commended by the WFA referee for a good spirited well mannered proper walking football match in the sunshine.
He was very lenient, but he still controlled the game with no blue or red cards. But there was one Bexley player that should have been at least Blue carded.

So we are WFU 65 South East Champions, with just 6 men!!
Well done lads, looking forward to the finals.

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