Sat 28
Halstead - Essex League Tournament
Walking Football

Match preview

By Terry Buck
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Matches, 6 a side, 15 minutes per game.
Footwear, No football boots allowed.

Teams competing, Southend, Shooters A, Shooters B, Chelmsford City, Basildon, Manningtree, Halstead, Colchester.

Match of´Čücials, Lee Murray, Keir Johnston, Martin Weaver.

Notes. Please make sure you arrive in good time, as we have many games to get through over a period of 3 hours on 3 pitches. I would suggest you arrive by 12.30 . Some refreshments will be provided. If you need any more information, please contact Terry ENJOY THE DAY !

Each team is playing all 7 of the other teams in a round robin. It is important to get each game started within 5 minutes of the previous game, as we only have the pitches for 3 hours. Should it appear that the games will over run the 3 hours, then we may have to reduce some later games to 10 minutes.

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