Vanarama Team-Mates - Frazer Shaw dishes the dirt from the Clarets' dressing-room!

Vanarama Team-Mates - Frazer Shaw dishes the dirt from the Clarets' dressing-room!

By Chris Berry
6th September
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Vanarama go where many fear to tread and go behind the scenes to get the gossip.

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors... so what lies behind?

Q. You need to take a road trip but must take three team-mates - who gets the call?
FS. Three team-mates I would pick for a road trip would be Chris Gregan because I think we’re on the same page with a lot of stuff and of course the full-back team! Mickey Spillane because the guy surprises me with something new every time I see him with his banter. And Jonny Giles because of his character, plus him and Mickey together is more than enough to keep anyone entertained!

Q. But who wouldn’t come along for the ride?
FS. I’d probably lock Adrian Cascaval out of the car because he never leaves any leg room when he’s at the front!

Q. Who would be banned from touching the car stereo?
FS. In the changing room so far this season we haven’t had a lot of change in who’s in charge with the music so I’ve only heard a couple and they haven’t been too bad! I would give this award to our Kit Manager (Cris Dinota) because some of his music is terrible! But I have to pick a team-mate, so this one would have to be a bit of a calculated guess and I’m gonna go with Chris Whelpdale, because I reckon we listen to totally different music!

Q. Who is a manager in the making?
FS. For this one I’m gonna go with Chris Whelpdale again. He’s had a good career himself and has a lot of understanding and experience in the game and if I’m right I believe he does coaching now, so I think it would be him.

Q. Who is the Chelmsford dressing room joker?
FS. I think we have a few good, funny characters in the dressing room with good banter. Jonny Giles is one, I think Alex Osborn is another, our skip Anthony Church is another character but I’m going to go with Mickey Spillane and I think the boys would all agree
with me on this one.

Q. Who can’t step away from the mirror?
FS. Maybe not in front of a mirror but I have noticed Shaun Jeffers is always last after myself to leave the dressing room!

Q. Who would you consider your best mate in the squad?
FS. I think I’ve got a good relationship with all of the boys here, and I think all the boys here still from previous seasons have welcomed us new ones with open arms. If I had to choose I’d say I’m closest with Billy Knott. I have a lot of time and respect for him for sure.

Q. Who’s the top trainer who puts you all to shame?
FS. My boy Elliot Omozusi. He trains pretty much how he plays and I think he’s been important for us every game this season so that says it all.

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