The following vacancies are available:

Match Day Stewards

Chelmsford City Football Club is looking to boost it's number of Match Day Stewards. Typically the role will include stewarding a particular area of the ground reporting to the professional security team if and when required. [/b][/size]

To apply contact the Club on, putting "Stewards vacancy" in the subject line.

Staff Conduct

All staff, both employees and volunteers, will endeavour to be courteous and helpful to supporters and customers at all times, offering them the best service and information available at the given time. Our Club is built on, and depends on, the support of volunteers, all of whom are fans who sacrifice their time to help the Club. This makes the Club what it is and what we enjoy and love. We endeavour to ensure that these volunteers represent the Club and help their fellow fans as professionally as possible, but we ask all our supporters and visitors to respect their commitment and to understand that at any given time, despite our best efforts, not every volunteer will have the answer to every query.

Equal Opportunities

We respect and value the diversity that exists in our communities and are committed to challenging attitudes that promote discrimination. The Club is an equal opportunities employer and has a staff equal opportunities policy: in pursuit of our aims and objectives, we will not discriminate against, or in any way treat less favourably, any person on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual identity, or political or religious belief.

The Club will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour on these grounds, whether physical or verbal, by its own employees, volunteers or fans, or by visitors, in the vicinity of the stadium. Whenever such behaviour is brought to the Club's attention, the Club will act robustly in taking appropriate disciplinary action.