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In August 2015 Chelmsford City FC launched its official YouTube channel to add to the Club’s social media portfolio.

Click on Clarets TV to watch all the latest exclusive interviews and videos.

As well as the already established Twitter and Facebook accounts, the Clarets TV channel aims is to regularly provide supporters with behind-the-scenes content and to bring fans closer to their club with video content provided by the Media team.

The YouTube TV channel will give the Club’s supporters around the world the opportunity to view new and engaging content and exclusive features, all created to show the character of the Club and the personality of the players.

Supporters can also access additional exclusives and content through the Clarets other sites and outlets which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@officialclarets), LinkedIn (Mick Hull, Head of Commercial & Sales) and of course our ever-evolving website.

Further to the usual match highlights being uploaded by the Media team during the season, City fans will also be able to watch pre and post-match interviews with the first team, club officials and Football Club board members.

NB: There is a possibility of the Club not having the rights to live broadcasting at its home matches from season 2016/17 due to the possible introduction of NLTV to the Vanarama National League South.